As our first official shoot for Cuatro Collaborative, we were thrilled at the chance to work with such a well-curated boutique here in Austin. Feathers Vintage has some of the best finds for vintage and unique new garments and jewelry in town and you can tell the second you enter the shop that every piece is hand picked with care and a true knowledge of fashion and current trends. 

For this photoshoot, we asked our sweet friend Cheyenne to be our model; not only because she can totally turn it on in front of the camera, but because she can rock the vintage vibe like a pro and her luscious locks and big beautiful eyes were perfect for the Jane Birkin look we were going for--pretty with a hint of tomboy; transformative and timeless.  To put the cherry on top, this entire shoot was made using medium format film, just to add the extra sense of authenticity to the era and vibe were were trying to evoke.

Shooting on the Austin's east side was super fun, although we found ourselves rushing abit at the end to save the sunlight--a total learning experience on timing for all of us as a group! But we got the perfect shots that we were looking for including some great sunset silhouettes on the skateboard. (Thanks No Comply!) 

We hope you enjoy this shoot as a sneak peek into what Cuatro Collaborative has in store in the next few months! Stay tuned.