This was definitely our largest collab to date, but possibly one of the most fun as well! 

We teamed up with SUAVS Shoes—a new local footwear company here in Austin that provides unisex breathable slip ons that are not only super stylish but very comfortable all at the same time—as well as our sweet friend Adriana Morfitt again of The Gold Atlas! Always so gorgeous and fun to be around with such an eye for style. We also snagged our Jake to be the male model and the shoot was a total blast! 

For this shoot, SUAVS was looking for a super minimal, easy going shoot to utilize for promotional material for upcoming events. We went with some local Austin popular spots for locations— from Amy’s Ice Cream and Jo’s Coffee off South Congress then over to Brew and Brew on the East Side and ended for a few evening shots at Rainey Street. The concept was to show transition from day to night being that SUAVS Shoes are meant to be the shoe that you can wear to work and then straight out with friends after without having to change in between. We feel that was well portrayed in this shoot with subtle outfit and hair and make up changes between afternoon to sundown. Starting out with Adriana and Jake in simple outfits and easy going hair— Jake with a hat on backwards and Adriana with her hair down— to hair up, no hat, and a shawl and button up thrown over their original outfits. We also added a brighter lip in the evening time which Brooke was able to pick perfectly to show Adriana’s playful personality that totally comes out in the photos. We also were excited to work with local videographer Todd White on a little behind the scenes that we will be posting soon!

All in all this was a super fun shoot that we felt was definitely a strong collaboration for everyone. Stay tuned for more photos from Cuatro Collab in the next few months, we’ve got lots of ideas and we’re ready to make it happen!  



This shoot was so much fun and a great night for Toni and Brooke to get to experiment with hair and makeup and showcase their talents. When inspiration hits, sometimes you just gotta grab a gorgeous friend and say "HEY! lets do your make up and take photos in the studio!" Thank goodness for McKenzie and the fact that "all our friends are 10's" :)   

A lot of our shoots in the past have been pretty natural or the simple smokey eye and beachy waves, so we decided to step outside the box with this slicked back, sleek editorial shoot. With McKenzie's strong features and ability to look super fierce and TURN IT ON in front of the camera, this was the perfect transformation for a fun Monday night. 


HERE IT IS! We have been so thrilled to share our collaboration with local style blogger Adriana Morfitt of The Gold Atlas. Lauren, our fashion stylist, had been in contact with her for quite a while, so having the chance to finally unite in one vision has been super exciting.

The Gold Atlas is the epitome of Austin street style and Adriana pulls off the minimal but chic look she so well. From Madewell to Zara, her style is the perfect match to her bubbly personality--super sweet but effortless and always fun. 

The looks were graciously borrowed from the amazingly talented Miranda Bennett,  a local Austin designer. Leslie from Shop Aro lended us the beautiful golden jewels to accompany the garments.

For this shoot Toni perfected the ultimate textured wave to compliment Brooke's gold and electric blue eye, providing a dash of contrast and boldness to the minimalistic feel found in the garments. 

We are so happy with the outcome and are planning to work with Adriana again soon in just a few weeks. Thank you again to Miranda Bennett and Shop Aro, we are so thankful and hope to work with you again in the future! Stay tuned and check out Adriana's blog post about Cuatro Collaborative as well! 


For our second shoot, we partnered up with the beautiful Mia Debaun ,who at the time was just nearing the end of her sixth month of pregnancy. Mia has years of experience in modeling, and this was the first time she had been photographed while pregnant. We were beyond honored to be the creative group to do so. We didn't want to do the typical maternity style photos and emphasized Mia's alternative style as inspiration for the look.  Using jewelry from our friends at Feathers Boutique Vintage, we loved the giant crystal pieces and jawbone necklace paired with the smokey eyes and dark beachy waves. 

Everything for this shoot worked so effortlessly,  considering Mia's natural ability to look so striking and photograph so well, even being almost 7 months pregnant and in 100+ degree weather (We were fully stocked with snacks, water and an umbrella for shade for this mama, don't worry!) 

Thank you again to sweet Mama Mia and Feathers Vintage. Keep your eyes peeled because August has tons in store for the Cuatro girls! 


As our first official shoot for Cuatro Collaborative, we were thrilled at the chance to work with such a well-curated boutique here in Austin. Feathers Vintage has some of the best finds for vintage and unique new garments and jewelry in town and you can tell the second you enter the shop that every piece is hand picked with care and a true knowledge of fashion and current trends. 

For this photoshoot, we asked our sweet friend Cheyenne to be our model; not only because she can totally turn it on in front of the camera, but because she can rock the vintage vibe like a pro and her luscious locks and big beautiful eyes were perfect for the Jane Birkin look we were going for--pretty with a hint of tomboy; transformative and timeless.  To put the cherry on top, this entire shoot was made using medium format film, just to add the extra sense of authenticity to the era and vibe were were trying to evoke.

Shooting on the Austin's east side was super fun, although we found ourselves rushing abit at the end to save the sunlight--a total learning experience on timing for all of us as a group! But we got the perfect shots that we were looking for including some great sunset silhouettes on the skateboard. (Thanks No Comply!) 

We hope you enjoy this shoot as a sneak peek into what Cuatro Collaborative has in store in the next few months! Stay tuned.